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October 12, 2010

I truly sympathize with those who are afflicted with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I also sympathize with those who have loved ones struggling with it. What I personally struggle with is those who use the disorder as an excuse or those who don’t take any responsibility for the disorder.

Why do I sound so callous? Well, when I have to repeat myself more than 10(Yes, TEN!) times on the number one keystroke or mouse click fundamental, and the user says they still can’t remember, frustration sets in. This fundamental was stated the very moment I started training and was repeated throughout. To not understand that this fundamental is needed, after 16 hours of training and repetitive reinforcement, and then have the audacity to say “you didn’t tell me that before” seems to be highly insulting!!! Am I wrong?!?!

I guess I should have been tipped off on the first day when, in the middle of one sentence/thought, this person changed topics without hesitation and any consideration to what was just asked. This wasn’t just some ‘oh by the way this is a related’ thought. No, this was on something from 2 hours prior!!! WOW!!!

For my own unrelated transition, I love exploring new foods when I’m traveling, but only to the extent that it fits in with what the general masses are comfortable with. What’s crazy is that this is actually tied to the previous topic as it took far too many unrelated questions and comments with that same person to get to agree upon a simple local lunch spot that would provide a local flavor. Eating at a chain is only necessary or warranted when nothing else is known or I’m really desperate. So, if you know of good, inexpensive local flavors, why waste the time and money on chain ‘junk’?

The idea of Bar B Que came up today and it was definitely a good option. It’s been months since being spoiled with amazing Bar B Que in Chapel Hill, NC. I think I’ve had anything resembling Bar B Que once since and today’s experience rates a slightly “above average” considering the blend of pork and beef, and the baked beans. Oh, but here I stand in the Charlotte, NC airport with the smell off Pit Bar B Que nearby!!! What temptation to over indulge. (Un)fortunately, my stomach can’t handle it or I’d be so sick and not make it in to work tomorrow. Maybe that would be a good thing after all.

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