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Are Goals Just Dreams with an End Date

January 15, 2011

Ten years ago, I had a dream to be part of a coaching fraternity that I thought was just a far off dream. Four years after that I found the NSCAA Convention. Having attended it 5 of the last 6 years, it’s one of those unique organizations that provides its members something other coaching organizations doesn’t.

Tonight, upon the close of the 2011 convention, the Plymouth Soccer Club DOC, and my good friend, Miki Djerisilo, is playing in the little 4v4 tournament they always hold Saturday night.

Watching one of the other games, it appears the team has a father-son combination Dad is playing goal – not that skilled and pretty inflexible. Son is quick, good skills, strong shot, very intense. Like other teams and the 3 other games being played, the attempts at creativity are a plenty and the fun-factor is high. Ultimately, the father-son team lost the game but will continue playing games through the round robin style tournament. Good for them.

When I first saw this little tournament 6 years ago I had a dream that one day one of my sons will be attending this convention as a player, former player or aspiring young coach, and just maybe he and I would have an opportunity to play in this 4v4 tournament. Expanding upon that dream, wouldn’t it be great if this came true with two or more of my boys! Considering our ages, I figure it’s at least 7-10 years off. Hopefully, I’m able to still play the game!

Is this a goal or a dream? I don’t want it to be a goal as that mandates a plan and an end date. My only plan for the boys is that they make well informed decisions that lead to a well intended and happy life. If it includes playing this game we’ve enjoyed together all these years – and hopefully many more to come – it would fulfill a nice dream but does not mean my life’s goals aren’t met.

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