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Life – Chapter 3

February 24, 2011

It’s now been almost a full 3 weeks at my new full-time venture with Raymond Corporation as their Business Analyst for the Parts Distribution Center. So far, everyone has been very nice, accommodating and pleasant to talk to. Far better than anything experienced with my last employer!

Still getting my bearings around the Syracuse, NY area, looking for homes of interest for when the family moves out here in June, and determining how I fit in at the company. It’s all the classic ‘stressors’ of change!  Considering the financial position of the last 3 years, this is far less stressful and lot more intriguing for our future prosperity.

I look at this transition to Syracuse as Chapter 3 of my life — post-New Hampshire (Chapter 1), Post-Indiana (Chapter 2), and now post-Michigan. I know Tiffany is looking forward to it and Ryan is happy with the prospect. Niklas and Shae are most indifferent, yet it’s taking Jason some time to warm up to the reality. With 2011 being his transition from middle school to high school, it will certainly be a big change. Having gone through the ‘life-shattering’ soccer club change he went through last year, I thin he’ll do just fine. For me, it’s just a matter of refocusing all that time and energy away from the soccer club and taking care of myself again.

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