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Chapter 3 – Eight Weeks Later

April 1, 2011

What a difference  8 weeks makes. A new direction with a new company and a few bills caught up, oh but there are other opportunities out there that better suit my family needs and desires. Turns out the move the Syracuse really isn’t what the family wants to do and the position with this company doesn’t seem to be what I expected. Once again, I probably set myself up with false expectations based on the assumptions of an SAP implementation.

As that implementation is not likely happening and the work I’m faced with is almost non-existent, the irony of having numerous recruiters contact me at the same time reopens the avenue to contract work again. Better yet, a contact made yesterday points to a new GuiXT contract on the West Coast. I’m certain it will take a few days to learn more.

Ultimately, the biggest concern has been financial feasibility of moving. Selling our home would mean walking away with absolutely no money to then purchase or leverage for anything in NY. Heck, our lovely credit score doesn’t help either. Even in the long-term, we just don’t see us being able to get into another home if we sell now. In the end, it’s just not the right move for us. I’ll bide my time in Syracuse until the latest and greatest comes along. Until that happens, I am working furiously to get my name in the hands of employers, recruiters and headhunters regarding my SAP and GuiXT skills.

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