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April 26, 2011

Ten years ago, I took on the challenge to be part of a SAP 4.6C implementation. In that same project, I became known as the GuiXT expert for the screen-scraping development necessitated by the company’s need to modify the Sales Order/Delivery process in the somewhat complicated SAP environment. I detail this and other development experiences on my Consulting page. These GuiXT focused projects — and a couple other ventures I took on in 2008-2010 — created a sort of gap in my SAP experience that most SAP-related projects are considering a negative on my resume. What I’m now trying to figure out is how to gain the more relevant and recent SAP experience to get in to a decent SAP position.

Starting an active search for a project in February 2008 led to very little good leads. At that time, I was also being very stubborn and determined to stay local to Michigan or telecommute because of my deep involvement with the Plymouth Soccer Club. As the club President, coach of numerous teams and responsible for training every day, I felt that I couldn’t abandon that commitment. My eventual commitment to a career in SAP and consulting waned through 2008, but then picked up steam again in early 2009. From January – August, 2009, I submitted applications to more than 200 projects and unrelated IT positions all over the US. But, again, because of my stubbornness, I missed out on several positions because I felt I needed to uphold my commitment to PSC.

When I finally joined a small company in Michigan as a Technical Support Analyst, my responsibilities with PSC remained, but I was able to balance both the new job and the club responsibilities. It was the events of winter and spring 2010 that changed what I am now doing and what I hope to be doing in the future.

The story of those events from 2010 that I wish to relate is currently in a document of some 40+ pages and is obviously far too much for this post. My intentions over the next several months is to chronicle this with more intent and to relate it to my earlier post of Being an Expert and what I hope to be doing with my career in the very near future. I believe that the Top 10 List of knowing you are an expert relates to most everything in life! What I hope these subsequent posts do for me is actually figure out what will be best for me in my future career. IT Consultant? IT Trainer? Teacher? What will it be?

In the meantime, I’m actively looking for new SAP projects (primarily in the Sales & Distribution [SD] arena) and hopefully new GuiXT opportunities to broaden my knowledge and experience. Since March 21st, I’ve contacted 41 projects and have had numerous email/phone contacts about other projects all over the US. I’m available and willing to travel for any project. Well, almost any… I had a contact for one in New York City but it’s just not economically feasible to travel to NYC on a regular basis.

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