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Administrative Professionals Day

April 26, 2012

For the most part, we all work in offices that have a mix of male and female employees. Whatever the jobs or roles they play, everyone should be recognized for the unique contributions they add to the organization.

Yesterday, April 25, 2012, was the 60th anniversary in observance of Administrative Professionals Day. I’m all for observing such days and celebrating the people who work in these roles. But I have to ask if it’s a common practice for companies to invite “all the girls in the office to lunch” for this observance. When women are in a role not identified nor titled as “Administrative Assistant”, “Administrative Professional” or “Administrative…” anything, doesn’t it come across as sexist and demeaning to be grouped in this just because you are a woman?

What if there was an observance day for “Salesmen” and the boss invited “all the guys” to lunch? Sexist, right?

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