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So often, I’m asked “What do you do?” When you are involved in so many things, it’s not a simple answer. I hope to answer that question through this blog and everything else connected with it.

A better question to consider is “Why do you do what you do?” Fortunately, that’s a much easier answer. Just look at the pictures. My wife, Tiffany, and our four boys, Ryan, Jason, Niklas and Shae, are the inspiration for everything I do, every waking moment.

Past Ventures

Until recently, it had been difficult to put my finger on what was at the forefront. There were efforts with Enlyten, Xango and other minor gigs. For most of 2008, Tiffany and I were focused on a new venture with Books Are Fun and their book & gift Corporate Fair division. Unfortunately, in December of 2008, Reader’s Digest sold the business to Imagine Nation Books, as well as filing for bankruptcy, and this change did not fair well for our future and exposed us to too much financial risk. Having spent 8 months pursuing that opportunity, we decided it was best to not continue with the new INB/BAF merged company.

Mid 2009, Real Green Systems provided an opportunity to work as a Technical Support Analyst. It provided travel assignments to train and consult with customers. At least it was income to keep our head above water.

Then there was the ever present involvement with the Plymouth Soccer Club – coaching, administration, etc. – which went through a roller-coaster ride from January, 2010 through August 2010. The events of those months will be highlighted in various topics, suffice to say it will not be one single topic. As of February 2011, my involvement with the club has been very limited as I take on a new full-time venture out of state.

New Venture

Mid 2010, I was contacted regarding a full-time opportunity in East Syracuse, NY. After the standard phone and in-person interviews, a job offer was extended. After much family discussion and weighing the pros and cons, on February 7, 2011, I officially began my career with Raymond Corporation’s Parts Distribution Center as a Business Anaylst. As this new venture takes root, I left behind the Plymouth Soccer Club and everything in Michigan. Chapter 3!

Check out Tiffany’s site for what she’s talking about.

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