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As an SAP SD and GuiXT IT consultant, this is a specialty area most people find confusing. Companies running SAP have the opportunity to modify their business processes through various programming techniques, such as ABAP, Java, Portals, etc. Synactive’s GuiXT (gooey-x-t) is a scripting language which provides optimization of the SAP user interface without modifying the core SAP code or system.

As one of a small number of GuiXT specialists in the US, my GOAL is to provide clients innovative GuiXT training, design and business process optimization with high corporate value.

In 2000, I was asked to join an SAP implementation project for the company I was employed at. I’ve recently removed the name of this manufacturer, and direct reference to the final screen prints, for privacy reasons. While there, I had taken on the responsibility as an IT-Customer Liaison for their existing Bill of Lading system. Knowing this process well, I was able to lend my knowledge to the design of a new Sales Order/Delivery/BOL system within SAP. However, there were two challenges at the time, 1) I didn’t know SAP well enough and 2) the company didn’t want to use vanilla SAP for their processes.

A few months in to the project, and some basic training, we found Synactive’s GuiXT. As a partner with SAP, they were already integrated with the system and had proven their strength as a viable option to ABAP modifications. It was clear that the ‘screen-scrapping’ technology was the method they felt most comfortable with and could manage their needs best. After a short 2 day training with Synactive, I took on the task of designing and coding the requirements for a new Sales Order/Delivery/BOL creation screen.

Over the next 7 months, I designed a process incorporating the full VA01, VL01N and Post Goods Issue process along with two external programs for electronic signature capture and scale weight reading. This BOL process included numerous Sales Order types like Rush Order, Returns, Consignments and other customized order types required for their industry.

Additionally, I designed a screen for Stock Transport Order entry whereby the user only had to enter 4 data points versus the line item by line item required in the Purchase Order screen. This and a few other customized processes were integrated allowing for streamlined processes for over 400 users across the company’s 80+ plants and distribution facilities. Originally I had a sample showing the ‘cockpit’ screen which helped these users begin just about all their processes. Screen shots of the remaining process have also been removed to protect their privacy. Contact me (glenn [at] thegoalhome [dot] com) to discuss further details.

Contract 2

In 2006, I was contracted to work with a consulting company in Monterrey, Mexico and their large manufacturing client. Five projects ensued including a custom Dispatch screen, an Order & Delivery screen, a Purchase Order screen for Z-type PO’s, a customized Transportation Zone, Route and Route Determination screen (combining all three transactions in to one) and a Customer Master data screen. The first three were very simple and straight forward, with the last two being very complex.

Combining the Transportation Zone, Route and Route Determination screens in to one screen was a bit tricky as there were various rules to be maintained for their business needs. Thankfully, GuiXT scripting allows for basic ‘if-else’ logic to check for various scenarios. This was also a proprietary screen, so it can not be shared.

The final screen development for this client was on the Customer Master data entry screen. As a multi-national corporation, the SAP configuration and modifications took in to account numerous (10+) additional data entry screens with approximately 120 added data entry fields. Each of these screens and fields had different entry rules per Sales Organization, language and Account Group. Due to these constraints, a significant amount of ABAP and RFC development supported the scrollable screens. After I completed group and individualized training to the consulting company, they took over the final development and rolled it out to the client.

Contract 3

In 2007, a new client took on my services to help design a replacement for an existing Lotus Notes based system. This client also utilized my services to design a total of 4 processes based on GuiXT’s scripting capabilities.

  • Sales Activity processing – monickered “Call Tracking”, the process incorporated existing SAP standards for Sales Activity processing in addition to Classes & Characteristics, output, automated email distribution and customized z-table development. Additional Remote Function Calls incorporated to the scripts.
  • Order Entry processing – bringing together a group of data entry fields on two of the Item level tabs providing for a streamlined Order Entry process.
  • Personalization of Customer Master Information Record screen to be used in conjunction with customized Z-table fields.
  • Production Order processing – personalization for replacement of existing third-party programs used in the production process. Incorporation of basic Designer screen modifications so users can proceed through their required processes without having to leave SAP for separate data entry and program processing. Simplified data views and ease-of-use fields and buttons.

Contract 4

In 2010, an Invoicing and Logistics broker company in the Chicago area contracted me to provide basic GuiXT training to 2 developers. New to SAP, this company saw the value in understanding the basics of the scripting language. After a brief 3 day overview and examples, they asked me back for another week to ramp up 2 customization projects (Customer Master maintenance and Material Master maintenance) to simplify screen layouts, labeling and design that would normally take weeks with an outsourced consulting firm. Working with their in-house resource to manage these simple updates provided the end-users a customized process reducing data entry and screen navigation time by 25%. Both customization projects took me a mere 2 days!

Contract 5

Mid 2010, while working with the above contract, I was contacted regarding a potential contract with one of the largest, of not the largest and most recognized, sporting goods and apparel manufacturers in the world. After several months of working out the details, I was able to take charge of a necessary modification and bug-fix of their In-house manufacturing division’s Plant Maintenance GuiXT scripts. These scripts were already in place and working for the most part, but a few particular items were not as they wanted from their original developer. Four hours after seeing the problem and analyzing the scripts, my hunch of why the scripts weren’t working panned out. Through the necessary rounds of modifications and testing, we were able to implement the changes — along with three other updates and modifications — in roughly 60 man hours of effort. Although this specific contract has ended with this implementation, I remain as their prefered contractor for future enhancements and fixes.

Contract 6

My current contract is focused on Material Master development and integraton with a custom ABAP Inventory Management launchpad for this leading manufacturer of copper-clad laminates. Ongoing remote development of their GuiXT add-ons and business processes.

For more information on these projects, more detailed descriptions, or my availability for GUIXT TRAINING and/or GUIXT DEVELOPMENT, contact me via email – glenn [at] thegoalhome [dot] com – or direct at 734.646.5581.


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