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How Not to Start a Day

August 12, 2011

Friday morning. A “vacation day” taken so I can be home with my family after another 4-day week in Syracuse, NY. Drove the 450 miles last night, arriving at 10:45pm. Just another of the 16 hour round trip weekly commute.

To help with my sanity, my plan was to get up a little early – 7ish, well early for the rest of the family – and go ride my bike 25 miles. Get a good workout as my only workouts for the week were a 3 mile walk around Green Lake State Park on Monday and 30 minute intense stationary bike work Tuesday and Wednesday.

7:10am – wake up without an alarm. Good start. Cup of yogurt. Riding gear on. Ready to go! Oh, that’s right, I still have to change the flat tire from 2 weeks ago! Didn’t do anything last week because of Jason’s ODP tryouts.

Toi the shed with the tire. Get the tire and tube off with little issue, and back on fairly smoothly. Air goes in smoothly with the electric air pump (one of the best purchases ever!) and wheel resecured.

Oh uh, something’s wrong with the chain and gears so I start working the pedals to get everything aligned and — POOOOOW! Freshly changed tire pops!!!!

Back to the garage until another day. Heck, I really should just sell this one and get something more “multipurpose” so I don’t have to deal with so many tire changes, not to mention the less than comfortable seat.

With the biking plans thwarted, change out of the biking gear for a quick walk while listening to the iPod. Oh, but wait. The iPod has been turned on for who knows how long and is dead! 2 for 2!

Ah but there is something far better than these temporary mechanical hiccups. I got in a 3 mile walk – a litle jogging mixed in – and write this post. I also have a plan I’m working on to get out of Raymond Corp, get back home and restructure my income earning methods. I also must rededicate some time to finishing my “Expert” posts and the last 4-5 are long over due.

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